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Posted on April 10, 2018
by Eric Holter

A Content Strategy eBook for Museums

A content strategy for museum websites should be simple, but it’s by no means easy. You have no shortage of fascinating stories to share, but planning and producing consistent, mission-driven web content can often be a real challenge. That’s the thesis statement for the paper we wrote for our MW18: Museums and the Web 2018 workshop.

As we wrote Sustaining The Heartbeat Of Your Museum’s Content Strategy, we spoke with various museum staff about their own content strategies and gathered a myriad of useful case studies. And then it dawned on us: What if we distilled the workshop, paper, and expert insights into a simple guide to prepare other museums to think about their own web content more strategically?

So that’s what we’ve done.

We’re happy to present you with our brand-new guide to museum content strategy, The Art of Storytelling. Inside this free 60-page eBook, you’ll find examples of innovative museum content, expert interviews with museum staff, and exercises to help you and your colleagues uncover and illuminate your museum’s rich stories.

Download The Art of Storytelling today. You’ll find that when you invest time and effort to articulate a precise strategy for your content, you’ll know which stories to tell, and your website will have a greater impact on your mission.

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