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Cuberis: WordPress Websmiths for Museums

Museum websites serve wide audiences, from the general public to students, educators, enthusiasts, scholars, and more. Behind the scenes, museum educators, curators, marketing staff, development officers, and administrators have disparate goals for this primary digital platform. At a technical level, museum websites inter-operate with specialized systems that support collection management, digital asset management, events, memberships, and donations. 

Cuberis orchestrates the manifold needs of museum websites into cohesive platforms that extend the reach and impact of collections, programs, and resources.

Free Your Museum From Inflexible and Costly Platforms

Welcome to the Low Code/No Code Revolution

Cut the Cords of Custom Code

Until recently, custom museum websites with dynamically related collections, exhibitions, events, and blogs required lots of custom code. But today’s WordPress platform with its abundant supporting frameworks, plugins, and integrations can be deployed with little to no custom code.

Leave Costly Legacy Software Behind

Museums require support systems for collection management, digital asset management, customer relationship management, donor management, email marketing, and events and ticketing. WordPress plugins and third-party platforms provide a viable, flexible, and low-cost alternative to specialized all-in-one platforms.

Engage Your Communities with Automations

Museums that break free from legacy, enterprise-level platforms gain even more capability to engage in advanced digital marketing, email automation, and targeted communications with all of their audiences.

Dive Deeper into the Cuberis Process

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