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Curating for Clarity: Skim, Swim, Dive Techniques for Museum Websites

Browsing a website has a lot in common with setting foot in a museum, especially when it comes...
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Calling Visitors to Action on Museum Websites

A visitor to a content-rich museum website, like a customer at a bookstore, can easily spend long periods...
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Is AI the New Frontier of “Edutainment” for Museums?

The most enjoyable presidential debate I ever watched was between two candidates who had been dead for nearly...
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From the Bake Sale to the Internet:
How WordPress Is Revolutionizing Online Giving

In Beyond the Bake Sale: Fundraising for Local History Organizations, fundraising expert Jamie Simek has written a practical...
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What Did Museum Websites Look Like in the ’90s? (…and What Can We Learn from Them Today?)

In its December 1995 issue, Art in America ran a cover story about a new technology that was...
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Promoting Museum Membership: Best Practices

Today, everyone has purchased a membership to something. Online subscriptions to Netflix or Spotify, access to a local...
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Leveraging Museum Staff to Add Value (and a Personal Touch) to Your Website

Creating good website content is a team effort. On the technical and artistic end, developers and designers take...
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Best Practices for Successful Content Migration

Redesigning a museum website is an exciting and engaging process. Reorganization and restructuring the information architecture is as...
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Child taking notes at museum display

Educator Resources: Creating Content

In our last article, we explored ways museums organize educator content. We considered how, in thesame way that...
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