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Illinois Holocaust Museum – Holocaust in the Soviet Union Online Exhibition

Illinois Holocaust Museum created this online experience sharing the often overlooked history of the Holocaust in the Soviet Union. Chicago-area Survivors and their families tell their stories through mixed media presentations including photos, artifacts, diaries, video, and interactive exhibits.

The exhibition contains nine long-form content pages of pre-war Jewish life, through invasion, ghettos, camps, resistance, rescue, liberation, and post war life.

This special exhibition website features a search and filter sub-collection of photos and artifacts for researchers and educators. It also contains biographical stories from survivors and family members.

Creating an online experience that speaks to the daunting topic of the Holocaust is not an easy lift, especially when the task is to develop a first-of-its-kind site that address a lesser-known aspect of the story of Jews who experienced Nazi genocide in the Soviet Union. The Cuberis team approached our project with a radical curiosity, remarkable sensitivity and empathy to the subject and witnesses whose stories we shared, and with a commitment to courageous storytelling. The Cuberis team were invaluable partners, listening closely to ideas, asking questions to push our thinking when needed, and ultimately helping produce a truly elegant and powerful online experience that will honor the legacy of the Survivors and their families for generations to come.

Kelley H. Szany, Senior Vice President of Education & Exhibitions

Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

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