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In order to get NCMA off of the aging Expression Engine version of their website, (which relies on an older, unsecure, and unsupported version of PHP at the server level), we worked closely with NCMA to quickly build an MVP platform for the museum, maximizing the built-in content management architecture of WordPress along with the Astra theme and Elementor frameworks, and supporting plugins. This eliminated the need for custom programming, and provided a highly flexible and extendable platform. These frameworks simplify the user interface, ensure design consistency, and ease of use.

The MVP (minimal viable product) utilizes a minimal design, with basic content, calendar, and components to flesh out the rest of the site. The new platform is highly flexible allowing NCMA to progressively migrate content, and add new content and features over time.

Project Highlights

  • Full Import of 6,000-Object Collection
  • Custom Collection Search
  • Content Migration for Existing Content
  • Custom Templates for Museum Objects
  • Customized Content Components
  • New Color Palette Based on Updated Style Guide
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