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American Jewish Historical Society

AJHS is the oldest ethnic, cultural archive in the United States. Established in 1892, AJHS provides access to more than 30 million documents and 50,000 books, photographs, art and artifacts reflecting the history of the Jewish presence in the United States.

The new AJHS website utilizes our Low Code / No Code framework, enabling the AJHS team to tell the stories of the American Jewish community with a range of content options. Among many offerings, the website features an extended virtual exhibition of Emma Lazarus, author of the New Colossus, famously displayed as the welcoming poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty.

Project Highlights

  • Low code / no code framework
  • Extended digital exhibition
  • Translation selector/view original feature
  • Initiate archive search from Collection menu
  • Comprehensive admin/content management training videos
  • Dynamic Events Calendar

As a 130-year old archive, we weren’t quite sure where to start building our new website, and I’m so glad we found Cuberis. The entire process - from the initial proposal to design and prototyping to launch - couldn’t have been easier. It was invaluable to have Eric, Ray, and Chris guiding us through our redesign because they really understand the needs of museums and how to best showcase our unique collections and content, and most importantly for us, how to create a site that can be managed by a small staff. We were given ample training and personalized how-to videos to ensure we can manage and build upon our site, and Cuberis has continued to provide quick and efficient support as our staff gets comfortable with the new features. Within a few days of launching, we started to see an uptick in site traffic and are confident that with our beautiful new website, our audience will continue to grow.

Gemma Birnbaum, Executive Director

American Jewish Historical Society

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