Addison Gallery of American Art

Addison Gallery of American Art​ at Phillips Academy Andover required a full redesign of their website in conjunction with a full museum rebranding effort. While the rebranding process was still in processes, Cuberis was able to engage their team in our prototyping process to carefully define the content, structure, and functionality of the new site, as we awaited the new branding which would inform the rest of the visual design process.

The new site features a dynamic gallery map, filterable museum resources including news, lesson plans, collection guides, as well as audio and video resources.

The Addison Gallery utilizes the EmbARK collection management system by Gallery Systems, as well as its WebKiosk platform. Cuberis was able to integrate, customize, and optimize the display of the WebKiosk system content directly into the main website. Additionally, we were able to maintain the EmbARK exhibition data (including well over 1,000 past exhibitions) but dynamically redirect any EmbARK exhibition links to the newer, augmented exhibition pages built using our WordPress platform.

The Cuberis team did a wonderful job transforming our website from outdated and clunky to modern and user-friendly. Additionally, they were masterful at synthesizing input from various members of our team, and turned our thoughts, ideas, and wishes into a streamlined, coherent, and beautiful website. They worked tirelessly on the challenging project of integrating the museum’s collection database, creating a sophisticated design and a seamless experience for users. The training they offered our staff members is also superb. And they are always available to us when we run into issues that no member of the museum staff is able to solve, providing not only solutions, but also tips and instructions—and encouragement—so that we are able to make these updates on our own going forward. Cuberis has been a great partner to the Addison.

Rebecca Mongeon, Communications Coordinator

Addison Gallery of American Art

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