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Cuberis Annual WordPress Tune Up Plan

Cuberis performs routine maintenance for our sites under our Direct and Managed Maintenance plans. This covers WordPress and plugin updates with a visual inspection of the site afterward to confirm that no conflicts were created with updated versions. 

Annual WordPress Tune Up Plan

As important as routine maintenance is, there are many other facets of website maintenance that can improve performance, optimize search engine placement, and ensure website security. And the longer your site has been online, these tune ups become increasingly important.

That’s why we offer an Annual WordPress Tune Up Plan

Our tune up plan includes some basic processes such as confirming key platform account holders (domain, hosting, Google accounts, etc.), auditing forms and WordPress users, checking backup routines, running security and malware scans, and optimizing databases. 

Deep Cleaning

Tune ups also provide some deeper cleaning including media library cleanups (optimizing images and removing unused and duplicated items), broken link audits, and orphaned content scans—which over time can negatively impact usability and S.E.O. 

We also run checks on how images are being displayed on the front end of your site. You see, when you upload an image WordPress creates a number of different thumbnail sizes so that you can pick the best intrinsic size to the most fitting display size. For example, if you are adding an image as a thumbnail within a three column layout you would want to set that image to use a smaller thumbnail size. But if you leave a placed image with its default full size setting, you will be forcing browsers to download large files to display in small views. Finding and fixing instances like this can significantly improve performance, load time, and consequently S.E.O.  

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the items in our annual tune ups…

Confirm users for key platforms

Do you remember who registered your domain, or which Google email address is associated with your Analytics account? Too often companies set up these critical domain and communications accounts on the fly, and only much later realize that they no longer have ready access to these fundamental accounts. Cuberis will itemize these accounts and maintain a list of who has access, and review/update annually.

Audit of current website admins

When employees with WordPress logins leave your company, these accounts are often left active. We will report your list of current admins and editors to make sure there are no active legacy accounts, shutting the door to this potential security threat. 

Audit of web forms

Email forms are directed to individual email addresses. Occasionally, a form is pointed at a legacy email address and a company begins missing these communications. Cuberis will audit these forms. We also review/delete spam submissions and will make recommendations for minimizing form spam if this is an issue.

Backup frequency and configuration

Dependable and frequent backups are a huge safety net for the protection of your website. However, if too frequent, you can begin using up your server storage. Cuberis will confirm backups are running, and advise on any changes to frequency, or backup types.  

Optimize security / malware scan

WordPress is the most popular CMS in use in the world. One down side of being the most popular is that it also make you the target of bad actors. Running security software, taking measures to hide admin access, blocking malicious IP addresses, and running malware scans ensures that your website is bottled up and secure.   

Optimize databases

WordPress is a database driven content management system. While all the database tables and records are hidden in the background, they are there, and they can get cluttered and filled with legacy tables. Data optimization will clean out this fundamental, behind the scenes tool.  

Review server plan

Is your hosting plan the best fit for your site’s data and traffic? Maintaining the right plan will ensure that you are not overspending on server resources, or conversely, to ensure that enough server resources are allocated to your site.

Broken links and orphaned pages (pages in your site that don’t have any internal links to them) create usability issues and can negatively impact your Google results. We’ll run scans and report any broken links or orphaned pages so you can fix them up and preserve an optimal experience and S.E.O.  

Media library cleanup

The WordPress Media Library frequently gets clogged with duplicate images, unused images, or images that are much too large for a website. This can make accessing your media a cluttered and confusing experience. Additionally, this will quickly use up your disk space, negatively effecting site speed. We’ll clean up the media library to preserve ease of use and performance.    

Image presentation optimization

When you upload an image WordPress creates a number of different thumbnail sizes so that you can pick the best intrinsic size to the most fitting display size. But if you leave a placed image with its default full size setting, you will be forcing browsers to download large files to display in small views. We will find such display problems and optimize the thumbnails to maximize performance and page load speed. 

Page speed review

There are a number of factors, beyond image loading, that can impact page speed. We will run reports and propose solutions to improve load time, including caching tools, and other optimizations. 

Plugin review

Plugins are quite easy to install, but sometimes unused plugins get forgetten. When a plugin is added, but then not used, it is often left installed in the plugin library. Overtime this contributes to website bloat, site performance issues, and can even create security risks. We will audit your website’s plugin library and remove or upgrade any legacy plugins. 

These tune ups will report status and findings to you after we run all scans optimizations. Additional work may need to be one based on the reports. For example, broken links will need to be fixed, orphaned pages may need to be drafted or deleted, improperly sized images may need to be updated, and so forth. Our reports will enable your content administrators to make these changes, or you can have us make any changes using our standard support services. (We’ll provide you with estimates on the time involved for us to perform fixes based on the report when we submit the reports to you.)     

Additional Related Tune Up Services 

While we’re working on tune ups, there are other facets of website optimization that you may also want to consider. Optimizing the meta titles and descriptions of your site page is something that ought to me a normal part of publishing content, but often these lower level details are overlooked during the normal hustle and bustle of life. Cuberis can go through your pages and posts and optimize these S.E.O. items to keep your search engine performance sharp. Adding image alt tags is another routine practice that often falls off the radar. We can go through your library and add this information which not only improves accessibility, but is another factor in S.E.O. performance.

Annual Tune up Pricing and Scheduling

Our tune up package plan costs $1,800 once per year. The first year you enroll in the plan there is an additional $400 surcharge since setting up all the reports and optimization tools for their first use adds additional time. Some sites with an extremely high number of pages, or with media libraries with thousands of items, may also require some additional surcharges. Please contact us for a review and final pricing. 

We need to stagger our tune up schedules so that we can perform them smoothly throughout the year. And so we are only offering to perform a few tune ups in any given month. So if your site is in need of a deep clean please contact us soon for the earliest scheduling of your site’s tune up!

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