We’ve just launched our new website, and visitors to our previous site might notice some new features. In addition to new case studies, portfolio work, and a more robust introduction to our capabilities, we have added an entirely new page. We’re excited to bring you What’s On, our new content publishing hub, full of website insights for museums.

Building on the success of our monthly Museum Digital Insights newsletter, What’s On includes two new resources for museum professionals who want to make their websites as effective as possible. The first is our eBook, The Art of Storytelling, a practical guide to Museum Content Strategy.

podcast host Nick Faber smilingThe other new resource is our new podcast, also called What’s On. Hosted by me, Director of Content Strategy Nick Faber, each episode will feature an interview with a museum professional using online content to illuminate their institution’s stories in innovative ways. My goal for each episode is to provide insights that you can use to improve your own museum’s content strategies.

If you’d like to add What’s On to your podcast routine, you can find links to subscribe above. You’ll also find an embedded player, where you can hear our introductory episode, the transcript of which is below.

Thanks for checking it out, and feel free to contact me if you know of, or have worked on, any examples we should feature in future episodes.


Hello, and welcome to the introductory episode of What’s On, the new podcast from Cuberis. I’m glad you found us.

I’m Nick Faber, the Director of Content Strategy at Cuberis. If you’ve found this feed, you may already know who Cuberis is, but in case you don’t, we’re a boutique, museum-focused, front-end website and content strategy firm based in Durham, North Carolina. And we love helping museums tell their stories.

So why are we launching a podcast? Well, as we talk to different museums, we realize a couple of things:

First, there are some common issues museums share. As a museum, you have no lack of stories. Your objects, your histories, and even your buildings have their own stories. And as a museum or cultural institution, you have a necessarily broad mission to serve a vast array of people with different levels of interest. When you take all of these factors into consideration, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with which stories to share, and how to share them. As a consequence, your websites often fail to reach their potential.

The good news is — and this is the other observation we’ve made — there are plenty of museums who have found innovative ways to overcome these challenges and to make some really great web content. From regular blog posts to high-production digital projects, these folks have been able to create content strategies that make a habit out of storytelling and illuminate the many stories of their institutions in meaningful ways.

So, in this podcast, we’ll be talking with museum staff who are doing great things online. They’ll be sharing their own experiences and challenges, as well as tips for you, the museum staffer tasked with creating online content.

And it’s my hope that what you hear on this podcast will really motivate you and inspire you to start thinking strategically about your web content.

Oh, and just a quick plug: If you want to start thinking about ways that your website can promote your mission — and maybe even improve your margins — I’d encourage you to download our free eBook. It’s called The Art of Storytelling, and it’s full of exercises, examples, and expert interviews to get you started. You can find it on our website, cuberis.com, that’s c-u-b-e-r-i-s.com. And you’ll find a link in our footer.

We’re really excited about this show, and we can’t wait to get it out to you. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our podcast feed, and get ready to hear from museum folks like you who are doing some really cool things online. And if you have found some great examples of museum content, or maybe you’ve produced some yourself, send me an email. We’d love to showcase your examples. You can reach me at nick@cuberis.com.

Until next time, I’m Nick Faber. What’s your story? And how will you share it?