Websites and Strategies for Museums, Archives, and Galleries

The goals of a non-profit museum are quite different from for-profit galleries. But both museum professionals and gallerists educate, promote, and reveal to us the monetary and cultural value of art and history.

Collection-driven art and history websites are quite complex due to specialized technical, educational, and marketing requirements. That's why Cuberis offers pre-project, early-stage strategic diagnostics, and digital strategy research.

Of course, if you already have a web design and development project RFP we're ready to respond with the tactical help you need to bring your project to completion (send RFPs to

Early-Stage Strategic Services

Sound strategies begin with careful diagnostics. Art and history oriented digital platforms involve multiple systems integrations, and must address complex marketing and educational goals. Our early-stage diagnostic services, and digital strategy research can be used for long-term budgeting, project/RFP planning, grant applications, and directed giving programs.

Early Stage Diagnostic

  • Review of key systems (Collection Management Systems, DAMS, CRM, Ticketing, etc.).
  • Consultations with key departments.
  • Opportunities assessment based on existing website.

Digital Strategy Research

  • Review and recommendations for key systems (Gallery Managements System, DAMS, CRM, marketing platform).
  • Consultations with owners, managers, and department heads.
  • Sample roll out schedules with dependencies.
  • Opportunities assessment based on existing website.
  • Written report for use in budget, grant applications, and project planning.