Websites and Strategies for Museums, Archives, and Galleries

The goals of a non-profit museum are quite different from for-profit galleries. But both museum professionals and gallerists educate, promote, and reveal to us the monetary and cultural value of art and history.

Collection-driven art and history websites are quite complex due to specialized technical, educational, and marketing requirements. That's why Cuberis offers pre-project, early-stage strategic diagnostics, and digital strategy research.

Of course, if you already have a web design and development project RFP we're ready to respond with the tactical help you need to bring your project to completion (send RFPs to

Early-Stage Strategic Services

Sound strategies begin with careful diagnostics. Art and history oriented digital platforms involve multiple systems integrations, and must address complex marketing and educational goals. Our early-stage diagnostic services, and digital strategy research can be used for long-term budgeting, project/RFP planning, grant applications, and directed giving programs.

Early Stage Diagnostic

  • Review of key systems (Collection Management Systems, DAMS, CRM, Ticketing, etc.).
  • Consultations with key departments.
  • Opportunities assessment based on existing website.

Digital Strategy Research

  • Review and recommendations for key systems (Gallery Managements System, DAMS, CRM, marketing platform).
  • Consultations with owners, managers, and department heads.
  • Sample roll out schedules with dependencies.
  • Opportunities assessment based on existing website.
  • Written report for use in budget, grant applications, and project planning.

Meet The Cuberis Team

CUBERIS IS A BOUTIQUE FIRM. That means you interact directly with principal talent as your project moves through each phase of strategy, design, and development. Our boutique approach is carefully coordinated with robust systems and procedures, as well as proactive communication. To ensure smooth and successful projects our Project Coordinator remains a consistent point of contact throughout projects to confirm schedules, dates, meetings, and to direct inquiries to the right resources both during and after project completion.

Eric is a long time digital and content strategist. He helps our clients shape mission-driven digital strategies that respect their ever-tightening operational budgets by cutting through the clamor of an ever-increasing set of digital possibilities–to find opportunities that fit both museum missions and their margins.

Eric Holter


Ray founded Cuberis in 2003. Since then he has provided creative direction to our team for all projects. Ray shapes each creative role from UX through design and development to ensure that each and every project is carefully considered–from the homepage down through the smallest details of site design.

Ray Parrish

Owner / Creative Director

As Project Coordinator, Andrea is the bridge between the Cuberis team and all client contacts. She keeps track of project schedules, directs inquiries, and writes blog posts based on the research and observations she’s made from her time spent interacting with museums and cultural institutions.

Andrea Vaughan

Project Coordinator

Robert loves transforming beautiful designs into dynamic and engaging web experiences. His background in design, management, and customer relations allows him to guide our clients through the challenging details of sophisticated museum websites–by building intuitive interfaces that make the complex simple.

Robert Povelones

Lead Developer

In addition to original primary website development, Andy works with our clients to provide proactive website support and ongoing maintenance. Andy’s attention to detail and genuine concern for website stability and accessibility enables him to provide our clients with long-term site security and usability.

Andy Marino

Lead Support Developer

Evan plays a critical supporting role in both our web development projects and ongoing maintenance. He is our go-to guy for WordPress updates and security patches. Evan’s curiosity and fearless exploration of web technology fills out our development staff with insightful solutions and best practices.

Evan Bassler