Museum Website Marketing Strategy

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In the for-profit commercial sector automated email campaigns and customized, visitor-determined website calls-to-action are commonplace. But for a host of reasons these advanced strategies are not being deployed on museum websites.

Cuberis has assembled a suite of website marketing platforms and services that can augment a museum’s existing transactional systems for improved visitor engagement, more frequent online donations, and better conversions on other calls-to-action (event registrations, newsletter sign-ups, survey responses, and more).

Dynamic Calls-To-Action

TARGET YOUR CTAS TO MATCH YOUR VISITORS INTENTIONS.  What do you hope for when a visitor arrives at your museum’s website? There are many possible goals. Of course, encouraging a visit is a top goal. But that’s not always a likely or possible outcome. What if the visit originates from overseas? And what if the visitor is a scholar doing research, or a museum donor checking on the date of an upcoming event, or a member looking for educational resources?

Does it make sense to have just one generic call-to-action, “sign up for the newsletter,” or “make a donation” for every visitor and for every visit? By building up visitor profiles through the strategic use of website forms, and custom content triggers, you can segment your visitor profiles and then offer customized and fitting calls-to-action. Is the visitor already a member? Then trigger a “make a donation” CTA. Are they a local visitor? Tell them about the benefits of membership. Are they a major donor? Thank them, and remind them of special upcoming events for major museum contributors.

Email Automation

AUTOMATED EMAIL IMPROVES MARKETING PERFORMANCE. An email recipient clicks through your newsletter to view details about an upcoming event. A museum member fills out an online form to request information about volunteer opportunities. An online visitor submits a question about a particular object or artwork they are interested in. Each of these transactions tells you something about that individual and their interests. What happens next? Typically not much unless that individual remembers to follow up on their own.

But what if your email platform knew how to automatically respond and reply in a timely and fitting manner to remind a reader about the event they checked out? Or with an automated email about how important volunteers are to your institution? Or to follow up with other available resources for researching your collections? (Always with a tasteful reminder that all these resources require the ongoing support of the community.)

Automated email platforms and strategies can help advance the marketing and communications efforts of your museum.

Mission-Driven Marketing Messages

FOR EACH DOLLAR EARNED, MOST MUSEUMS MUST RAISE FOUR. Museum visitors, both onsite and online, do not know that for every dollar they may spend in your museum, you have to raise another four or five to support operations. We believe, especially as museums begin investing even more resources toward enriched content, that you need to tell your story. You need to connect transactional spending (tickets, memberships) to the need for missional support (additional donations). And so we help our clients use strategic messaging in their CTAs, email communications, and other messaging so that your story motivates more visitors and members to make donations, even small ones, in addition to their other forms of engagement.