Your museum has many stories.
Content strategy helps your website tell them all.

Content Strategy

Cuberis offers Content Strategy workshops and coaching for museum leadership teams that help your website to promote your mission—while improving your margins.

Form follows function. What is the function of a website, particularly one built using a Content Management System like WordPress? It’s to create and display content. So why do typical web design processes proceed relying on “Lorem ipsum dolar…” dummy copy in wireframes, and design mockups? It’s because writing and creating content is usually the last step before launching a new site. But your museum’s website can be so much more powerful when it’s built for, and upon, a fully articulated, cross-departmental, and long-range content strategy.

What’s more, effective content strategies require not just good planning, but perhaps more importantly, good habits. Our content strategy sessions focus on identifying core museum goals while also building realistic, sustainable, and healthy content creation practices.

Cuberis offers museum content strategy services for any and all museums (whether or not we’re engaged to build a website). Especially since strategic museum content planning—necessarily tied to long-term exhibition schedules—needs to begin many months, if not a full year before a full design and development process can begin.

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The Art of Storytelling:
Content Strategy for Museum Websites.

This 60-page handbook includes exercises, examples, and expert interviews to teach and inspire you.


On Site Content Strategy Session.

Our team will work with your musuem's stakeholders to connect opportunities and develop an achievable mission-driven plan.

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