Your museum’s website content extends the reach and impact of your mission.

Cuberis Museum Content Services

Cuberis offers content consulting, coaching, coordination, and creation for museums. Our approach to content strategy, planning, and production connects your online content to your museum’s goals.

Our content services are platform independent and are available to any museum whether or not we’re engaged to build your website.


Cuberis offers onsite content strategy consultations for museum leadership teams to align your website’s goals with your overall museum strategy.

FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION. The primary function of a website is, put simply, to display content. Yet, when building a new website early stage wireframes and design mockups usually utilize “Lorem ipsum dolar…” dummy copy. That’s because writing content is the last step before launching a new site. But a museum website can be so much more powerful when a fully articulated, cross-departmental, and long-range content strategy is established before the design process begins!

What’s more, effective content strategies require not just good planning, but perhaps more importantly, good habits. Our content strategy sessions focus on identifying core museum goals while also building realistic, sustainable, and healthy content creation practices.

Cuberis offers museum content strategy services for any and all museums (whether or not we’re engaged to build a website). Especially since strategic museum content planning—necessarily tied to long-term exhibition schedules—should begin well before a full design and development process begins.


Cuberis offers coaching services to help your teams stay accountable to your plans.

STRATEGY BY HABIT. Coaching will work best if you have an established content strategy. Your content strategy will identify your museum’s unique positioning and provide a roadmap for which content should be produced and by whom. But the executing your plan is not automatic. It requires good habits.

Our coaching services to help your teams stay accountable to your plans. We will review your website as strategic editors, reporting on the impact of your posts, recommending adjustments to current content, and suggesting topics for future content.

We will kick off our engagement with a lightweight version of our full consultation. During this orientation call, we will familiarize you with our approach to content strategy and provide strategy templates and planning documents. Our strategic editing and regular check-ins will help your team start thinking more strategically.


If your museum doesn’t have a dedicated digital project manager you can hire Cuberis as your content coordinators.

A Well-oiled machine. A common challenge for museum content creation is resourcing. While part of your strategy should include identifying content writers and producers, someone else needs to orchestrate the entire project. If your museum doesn’t have a dedicated project manager or web coordinator, this role may fall to someone with other priorities.

You can hire Cuberis as your coordinators. Our project coordinator will manage your calendar, assign posts, gather assets and send reminders to your team, making sure your content is ready when you are.


Hire Cuberis to write and produce blog posts that grow your Museum’s long tail of content.

Illuminate Your Treasures. Some of the keepers of your museum’s best stories may not have the time to put them down on paper. Others may find a blank page intimidating, or just not enjoy writing. For situations like this, Cuberis offers custom content creation services.

Our writers and producers will work with your staff to extract the stories that need to be told on your website. Through a brief interview with your subject-matter expert, we will gather information, find a narrative thread, and write a blog post on behalf of your museum.

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The Art of Storytelling:
Content Strategy for Museum Websites.

This 60-page handbook includes exercises, examples, and expert interviews to teach and inspire you.


On Site Content Strategy Session.

Our team will work with your musuem's stakeholders to connect opportunities and develop an achievable mission-driven plan.

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