Client spotlights: The people behind museums

People make the world go ‘round. It’s the passion, vision and hard work of good people that gift the world with special treasures we get to enjoy every day. The people behind museums are certainly to be appreciated for all the work they do to provide the public with culturally and educationally enriching experiences.

Thankfully for us, we get to partner with great people who are passionate and work hard to bring their visions to life for their museums. We couldn’t let this #MuseumWeek go by without acknowledging some of those people.

Ken & Barbara Schuster

Director and Chief Curator, Assistant Director (respectively)
The Brinton Museum

Ken Schuster, director and chief curator of The Brinton Museum in Bighorn, Wyo., unwraps a Crow war shirt on April 16, 2015. The artifact is one of hundreds that will be on display at the museum’s new Forrest E. Mars Jr. building when it opens June 15, 2015. (Ed Glazer /Gillette News Record via AP) TV OUT
Pictured: Ken Schuster. Image by Ed Glazer / Gillette News Record via AP.

From the beginning of our partnership with Ken & Barbara Schuster, it was clear that they viewed their museum as a treasure—and that their priority was to share that treasure with the greater public.

During our talks, Barbara’s enthusiasm for their organization was apparent in every detail she gave us about the Brintons and their possessions. Her natural storytelling ability gave us much more insight and appreciation for the prized belongings of the Brinton family than any book ever could. Meanwhile, Ken’s extensive knowledge and obvious love of the history surrounding the Brintons and the area was almost contagious. Together, Ken and Barbara not only care for the museum, but work tirelessly to encourage others to care about it, too. Perhaps the only thing more impressive than Barbara’s enthusiasm and Ken’s knowledge about the Brintons and their estate was the hospitality they showed our team when we visited Wyoming.


Scott Palmer

Coordinator of Instructional Technology and Digital Initiatives
Villa La Pietra at New York University | Florence

Scott Palmer of Villa La Pietra
Pictured: Scott Palmer

Scott has been one of the most tech-savvy partners we’ve had. He’s always looking ahead and brings amazing conceptual and technical ideas to the table to push the digital presence of his organization forward, for both the visitors and for the team administering the site.

It was obvious from our earlier Discovery sessions that Scott sought out to create more than a website. He viewed the Villa’s collections, and thus the website, as an opportunity to facilitate intellectual exchange. He wanted to go beyond simply providing information and focused on various methods of potential engagement so that the website, much like the museum, would be a space that reflected creativity in a global context. His focus on providing a thought-provoking platform for students and educators was reflected in every decision he made and continues to make during the site’s continued evolution. Scott’s innovative nature knows no limits, and for that we are thrilled to have him as a partner—and it never hurts to have a friend in Florence!


Rachel Goodwin

Graphic Designer & Web Content Manager
Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University

20746574190_47c0bc8659_o (1)
Pictured: Rachel and her husband

Rachel is, in a word, awesome. We’ve partnered with her for over four years now, and in that time we’ve witnessed and joined in her excitement for art, and more specifically for the Nasher. She has brought us interesting ideas and has worked enthusiastically along beside us to see them executed. Rachel walks the walk and talks the talk, and not only does she devote herself to art at the Nasher, but she also puts on art shows featuring her very own work. We’re proud to call Rachel a partner and even happier to have her as a friend of Cuberis.

We were actually able to get some thoughts from Rachel regarding her role as the Graphic Designer & Web Content Manager at Nasher. Here’s what she had to say:

Every weekday I feel happy walking into the doors of the Nasher Museum, being greeted at the top of the elevator by whichever new piece of art has been hung there. I really enjoy my work at the Nasher and couldn’t ever think of a better fit for my particular skills than working in design and the web at an art museum. The Nasher has an inspiring, talented and collaborative staff who I am grateful to work with daily. In 2012, I began my job at the Nasher by taking on the challenging task of redesigning We worked with Cuberis and the terrific staff assembled there to create the new site which launched in May of 2013. Together with Cuberis we created a solid structure that is proving to be a dynamic fundamental base for us to build upon.  For the past 4 years we have been growing into our new site and making changes along the way, so that it is a better fit. We believe that making incremental changes and edits in response to users’ needs, as we go, makes for a better, more flexible site; instead of taking on a large redesign of the entire structure.

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