Museum websites should further a museum’s mission, while adding to their margins.

Museum Strategy

Cuberis specializes in collections-based websites for Museums and historical institutions that care for the treasures of our cultural heritage. Each object in your collections has a valuable story. Why else would they be collected? Yet these stories are often as inaccessible as the majority of your objects that remain locked up in vaults and archives.

Today’s Collection Management Systems are bringing complete museum collections online. This is indeed a wonderful development—enabling museums to expand their missions to a worldwide audience.

But making thousands of objects available does not make their stories accessible.

Cuberis integrates digital collections into museum websites so that enriched, curated content can tell the stories behind the objects in your care. Through rich media, featured and related content, and other digital tools, museums can now get objects “out of the vault,” where they can add value to your collection’s assets and fulfill your core mission.

What’s more, we take a comprehensive, cross-departmental view to museum content strategy. We look for ways to align the goals of curatorial scholarship, exhibition and event promotion, education, and the often overlooked fundraising initiatives of the development office. When your collections are enriched with digital storytelling your mission can be advanced in ways that can improve your margins.

The Missing

There are thousands of stories waiting to be told about your collection. But there is one story that is almost never told. That’s your story. Museum visitors, both onsite and online, do not know that for every dollar they may spend in your museum, you have to raise four or five additional dollars to support operations. We believe, especially as museums begin investing even more resources toward enriched content, that you need to tell your story, and ask site visitors for support. And so we help our clients enable CTAs (calls to action) that tell your story and appropriately solicit donations, even small ones, while visitors engage with your collections and enriched content.

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