Not Your Average WordPress Site

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the Internet, but not all WordPress sites are created equal. Cuberis builds highly customized WordPress sites through custom fields, custom components, and our unique “Alpha site” development process.

Default WordPress

Formatting content with the default WordPress WYSIWYG interface (seen to the right) is clunky and vulnerable to content entry mistakes that can result in broken elements, inconsistent layout, and formatting errors.

The default WordPress interface is also inflexible when it comes to enabling complex and interconnected content relationships.

Detailed and Curated WordPress

Rather than relying on the standard WordPress interface, Cuberis defines and develops discrete customized fields and custom-styled templates for simplified and controlled content entry that ensures clean and consistent formatting. Since every custom field is labeled and fitted for your content (with guidelines and instructions when needed), content entry is always simple and intuitive. But more than that, breaking discreet content types up into distinct fields allows us to enable advanced features like faceted search, related content, and featured content throughout the site without duplicating content entry.

But there’s even more to Cuberis custom WordPress development…

WordPress Component Architecture

In addition to creating curated and customized content fields, Cuberis also utilizes a customized, mix-and-match component architecture. Commonly utilized components include: basic text, media (video and image), pull quotes, galleries, featured content, forms, and CTAs (calls to action).

These are not hardened, “off the shelf” components. We tailor them to your specific content needs, which we analyze during the user experience and wireframming process. Even basic components are fitted and customized for your needs. These components allow you to curate content throughout the whole site. You can add multiple instances of each component, or mix and match, and reorder them at will. You’ll never have to settle for bland constrained pages again.

The Art and Science of Refinement. One of the most valuable skills that Cuberis brings to your project is how we refine and synthesize your needs, requirements, and features down to the fewest, most flexible templates and component sets that you’ll need. Why the fewest? It would require little thought to simply throw a wide range of components and features into your site. It takes much more dedication to find the simplest set that accomplishes all your needs. Websites that get packed full of plugins and modules are slow, bloated, and difficult to maintain. But by curating and refining the perfect component set we deliver speedy, intuitive, and easily maintained WordPress sites.

And just like a professionally tailored suit, we not only carefully take measurements, we also enable you to “try your website on” before we button it up…

Alpha Phase for the Perfect Fit

Every web design firm touts its process, but let’s be honest, if you compare our processes, they’re all pretty much the same. Ask, Plan, Design, Build, Test, Launch. And frankly, Cuberis follows that basic workflow too (what’s the alternative, build before you plan?).

But there is something unique about our development process. We call it our “Alpha Phase.” We release an alpha version—a fully developed WordPress site (with a generic front end)—in the middle of the development cycle. This not only allows you to get a head start on content entry but, more importantly, it allows you to “try on” the backend. Through hands-on use, you will be able to identify any rough spots, or glean ways to improve the backend that may not have been fully articulated in the planning and design phases—before the site is complete. We work very hard in our early planning stages, but we think that it is both unfair and unrealistic to ask clients to give “final approval” on plans before we start development. That’s because there are always subtleties and nuances that the team can’t anticipate until you get your hands on a working site. Your feedback from using the Alpha release enables us to fully refine the site—ensuring a perfect fit every time.

As you are working with the Alpha release we continue to match front end with the design mockups (Beta). The last step is Gamma, when we add polish and test the site on all platforms and devices during QA.