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Written by | October 28, 2016 | Posted in News & Culture

Meet Robert, one of our awesome front-end developers. Robert takes the lead on many of our projects and is always a great resource to brainstorm new features for client projects and our own website. Our clients have interacted with him in many dev trainings and other meetings, so I sat down with Robert so the rest of the world could learn about the contributions he makes to the Cuberis team.  

Tell us a little about yourself

I am a front-end developer here at Cuberis, and have been with the team for over a little over a year. I went to Clemson University and before Cuberis, I worked in manufacturing and distribution. Web development has always been a passion of mine and I love building cool stuff. I work primarily with WordPress. And last but not least, I am married and have 3 adorable kids.

What does a typical day at Cuberis look like for you?

My day usually fluctuates between meetings, project work, support requests, WordPress research, and of course, a lot of development work. Sprinkle in a few stiff cups of coffee and some witty banter with the team, and that’s a pretty typical day.

What’s a favorite project of yours that you’ve worked on?

I’ve worked on a lot of great projects during my time at Cuberis, however, my favorite would be a toss up between Laundrymen and Duke Case. Laundrymen was fun because it incorporated a lot of fun and unique design elements that were bold and exciting. And the Duke Case project was fun because it was a membership based e-learning platform and different from your typical marketing website.

What trends (web development or others) are you following right now?

I’ve been reading a lot recently on “responsible development” which focuses mainly on developing web sites in such a way that #1, anyone can use (a11y and accessibility) and #2, any developer can pick up my code and start working with it quickly.

What are your favorite websites to use? Why?

  • Codrops – great for neat examples of components folks are building for websites
  • Codyhouse – always neat code examples and demos
  • Github – because it’s fun to collaborate and be organized with my code
  • Giphy – who doesn’t like a clever gif!
  • CSS Tricks – arguably one of the best resources for developing the web

What is something interesting you’ve seen recently?

I feel like I shouldn’t be too developer-centered here so I will try to keep it more general… probably the Southern Accent exhibit at the Nasher Art Museum. I have lived in the South my whole life and it was neat to see it (“the South”) depicted by artists in a variety of different mediums. The pieces on hurricane Katrina were particularly interesting since I was living in Alabama at the time and was part of the mass evacuation!

How do you use your developer skills in your day-to-day life?

I feel like being a developer has a lot to do with organization, problem-solving and being able to visualize concepts before they have taken shape. This always comes in handy organizing my house or even helping others do the same. Also when it comes to repairs and fixing things (house, car, toys, etc…) my problem-solving skills have never let me down.

Do you have a favorite activity (or activities) you participate in outside of the office?

Most of my time outside of the office revolves around spending time with my family and doing activities with my 3 young kids. However, when I do happen to find a moment of free time, I love eating out, drinking coffee, camping, mountain biking and hiking.

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