3 Things to Know about Sean O’Shea

Written by | April 4, 2016 | Posted in Museums, News & Culture

Inquisitive. Tactful. Insightful. If I had to choose three words to describe Sean O’Shea, our Manager of UX Design and Strategy, I believe those adjectives would make the final cut. But that’s certainly not all there is to know about Sean, who will be leading a how-to session on tackling complex web projects at this year’s Museums and the Web conference. Here are three things that qualify him to share crucial steps needed to successfully execute digital projects.


Sean has served in every possible role of executing digital strategy.

UX design. Strategy. Design. Art direction. Front-end development. You name it, Sean has done it. Sean’s varied experience enables him to make informed, strategic decisions at every phase of a digital project, as he understands how those choices will undeniably affect others along the way.


Sean has crafted digital experiences for a ton of different audiences.

Sean has worked with clients from many industries, including museums and cultural institutions, higher ed, health care, telecommunications, finance, home furnishings, and retail. His exposure to so many different audience perspectives informs his user-centric approach to all phases of a project. He’s then able to dig deeper and uncover insights as they pertain to the project and organization at hand, based on both the end-users’ goals and the project owner’s goals.


Sean listens. He then uses what he hears to extract goal-oriented next steps.

Whether it’s always remembering to ‘take a step back’ to revisit the goals of users and stakeholders, or facilitating a productive debate, Sean actively listens, and takes time to process and understand what he hears. His innate tendency to seek understanding makes for not only successful, but also refreshing communication and exploration throughout the life of projects. He uses the information he’s retained and the new perspectives he learns with each project to continuously make informed, user-centric decisions.

When Sean isn’t at the helm of a digital project, you can find him biking, backpacking, reading, woodworking, and (constructively) critiquing poor user experience he encounters in everyday life. Connect with him on Twitter @sposhe, and catch him during his how-to session on Tackling Complex Web Projects on Friday, April 8 at the Museums and the Web conference in Los Angeles! Get more details on the session here.