Goodbye Chicago, Hello Museums.

Written by | April 16, 2015 | Posted in Museums, News & Culture

So, here’s the scoop: Ray and I went to Museums and the Web last week in Chicago (read about why we decided to venture to the Windy City for this conference here).

It was a blast. We met all sorts of industry leaders and digital innovators (I think I made this term up, but it really is fitting). It was basically a group of seriously creative individuals who are looking to take their museums to the next level. Everyone was there with one main goal in mind: to create a unique and engaging experience for their visitors before, during and after their visits to the museum.

We participated in workshops on content, designing digital services, and journey mapping, and attended dozens of sessions ranging from creating immersive experiences (check out Taull 1123) to digital storytelling and understanding online audiences. All of these sessions worked together nicely to present museum professionals with tons of information and resources to kick their in-person and online experiences up a notch.

My favorite quote from the conference was from the Digital Storytelling session with Amelia Wong. She said, “a good story makes the world fall away.” Whether you’re referring to a good book, an exhibit or exhibition at a museum or even a website, this rings true.

Some of the most impressive moments of the conference were the keynote speeches. Perhaps my favorite came from the owners of Kimchi and Chips, a Seoul-based design studio known for creating digital interactions involving people and media materials. Their digital installations can be found within galleries and museums all over the world. Watch this video to see more of what they do.

Wednesday evening, Ray and I attended a reception at The Art Institute of Chicago – a fantastically beautiful space that hosts some really impressive collections/exhibitions. They even have a family-friendly space for the kiddos – which I love because I have a little one at home and Puppets are awesome.


So all in all, Ray and I had a great and productive trip to Chicago for the Museums and the Web conference. We learned a ton about the museum industry and providing engaging experiences for their visitors on and off the web.

We are more than excited to work with so many of these fabulous institutions, and can’t wait to put our findings from the conference to work with current and future museum clients.