Cuberis, Museums and the Web

Written by | April 3, 2015 | Posted in News & Culture

Cuberis has always had a great relationship with the museums we have worked with. From Nasher Art Museum at Duke University to Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts in Alabama, we’ve really enjoyed building and designing websites for this industry.

We get to see first hand the passion and careful planning each museum and their team put into their exhibits and physical space as a whole.  It is more than inspiring to us; it is exactly how we like to approach every website we have the opportunity to design.

Creativity seems to pour out of the Cuberis team every time we work with a museum. There are endless options – from e-commerce, event calendar integrations, online fundraising, immersive campaign sites for special exhibits, and even integrating cafes and reservations.

It is so much fun for us and we are really intrigued by the museum industry so Ray and I are heading up to Chicago next week to attend the Museums and the Web conference.

Our goal: to learn as much about museums as we possibly can. This will help us when we’re working with museum clients to understand their needs, the goals of museums and how museums function on the inside and out.

We’ll be attending hands-on workshops on Wednesday such as Catalyzing Change: Tools and Strategies for Digital Transformation, Museum Content Strategy WorkshopCustomer Journey Mapping: Tools for User-Centered Project Prioritization and Sharing Innovation Through Visual Thinking and Design Management Tools.

On Thursday, we’ll be sitting in on sessions about Digital Storytelling, Data-Driven Experience Design and various topics on museums in the mobile world and online culture.

I’ll be keeping you all updated throughout our visit to Chicago!

*Image courtesy of MCA Chicago