Tag, You’re It. The Holiday Gift Tag Challenge

Written by | December 5, 2014 | Posted in News & Culture, Process

The design team (Ray, Jennifer & Jayson) sat down with the marketing team (Shanna & Archele) to brainstorm. We wanted to create something fun – something we could design, and something useful to give to our clients/friends/family for the Holidays.

That’s when “Tag, You’re It – The Holiday Gift Tag Challenge” was born. Sounds cool, right? It is.

Ray, Jennifer & Jayson were given one challenge, design a gift tag that could be printed for all of our friends to use when wrapping their gifts this holiday season. Let’s see the different approaches each designer took when tackling this challenge. And don’t forget to download, print and cut these tags for use with your holiday gifts. We’re pretty confident they will be cooler than everyone else’s store bought gift tags.


So I began this holiday project by thinking of a few of my favorite things. One thing I especially look forward to around this time of year, is an excuse to listen to holiday music. I don’t start too early (read: the day after Thanksgiving), but one of the songs I keep on repeat is Run DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis”. It only helps that it’s the lead in song to one of my favorite holiday movies (yes, I’m talking about Die Hard and yes, Die Hard is a holiday movie). “Christmas in Hollis” inspired my direction on our holiday tags and I hope you enjoy this unique approach to celebrate this holiday helped out by Cuberis and Run DMC.

Download PDF



’Tis the season for cutting paper snowflakes at my house, so they were on my mind for this project. I also remembered a story from one of my favorite podcasts, Radiolab, about Wilson Bentley’s first photographic images of snowflakes captured on film. Check it out at here. I also thought that the still life treatment would support the tactile nature of cutting paper. So print the page of tags on adhesive paper and cut any way you wish or on heavy paper and punch a hole for a ribbon.


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I took a cute and quirky approach with this set of holiday tags! My two favorite processes in design are vector illustrations and icon development, so these tags were a fun exploration of both. Inspired by the outdoors and ‘nog, they aim to add a little holiday cheer to your gifts this year.


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