Gearing up for WordCamp Asheville

Written by | May 27, 2014 | Posted in Process

I am looking forward to be presenting this weekend at WordCamp Asheville! This will be my second time presenting at a WordCamp and I couldn’t be more excited.

WordCamps are fun, community-organized conferences centering around WordPress. They are for all levels of WordPress users, from fans to aficionados, bloggers to developers. There are usually several tracks of presentations so that people will always have a selection of presentations to attend that fit with their level of experience. Last time, I presented to the users’ track about how extensible WordPress is in my talk Jailbreaking WordPress: That’s what you’re supposed to do.

This year, my presentation is for developers: Caching in with the Transients API. We’ll talk about what the Transients API is, including:

  • How it stores the data
  • What it’s for
  • What it’s NOT for

I’m also going to try my hand at some live coding demos. I’m nervous about this and thrilled at the same time. My live coding demo will show 3 variations of one use case:

  1. Getting data directly from an external API — without using the Transients API
  2. Getting data from an external API that was saved as a transient — without object caching
  3. Getting data from an external API that was saved as a transient — with object caching

Over the weekend, I set up my demo site and ran some benchmark tests for speed. The results were great and I can’t wait to share them in detail. Basically, using the Transients API (example 2) is over 200x faster than retrieving the data from the external API every time it’s used. And if object caching is enabled (example 3), the object caching is 4x faster than when the data is stored in the wp_options table (as by default).

So if this gets you as excited as it gets me, I hope you can make it to my session at 1pm on Sunday in the Developer Room!

I’m looking forward to catching up with the folks I met at the last 2 Raleigh WordCamps. And I can’t wait to meet more WordPress nerds this time too! You can follow me on Twitter @isabisa to see what I’m up to and get the highlights of my weekend.

If you’re coming to Asheville for WordCamp, you’ll most likely find me at the Happiness Bar or in one of these sessions I definitely won’t be missing:

There are some really primo puns in the titles of some sessions this year, right?