2 Takeaways from the Internet Summit

Written by | November 26, 2012 | Posted in News & Culture

This year, I attended the Internet Summit for the first time and was happy to find myself in the company of subject matter experts and industry thought leaders. As is usually the case, taking the time to learn about trends and how our colleagues are approaching things helps all of us at Cuberis with more and better solutions for our clients. So, here are a few of the things that I brought back with me.

Responsive design is huge these days and it was referenced in many of the breakout sessions. With the increasing proportion of mobile device visitation, having a site that is capable of conforming to a particular screen is a huge advantage to delivering your message no matter how a site visitor comes to you. The presenter stressed that responsive design is not an afterthought, but an intentional decision made early in the planning of a project. As for getting started, it’s important to identify which content is core to your site’s goals and message. This is no small feat when you only have 3-1/2 inches of screen width!

Another interesting takeaway was learning that SEO goals can be pursued by telling stories. In an effort to identify which site visitors were helping to achieve a site’s goals, the presenter described creating fictitious personas, complete with demographic and psychographic profiles. These were virtual people with particular buying habits, interests and behaviors. For the five personas created, content and landing pages were tailored for each. When Bob the Outdoorsman visited, for example, he was greeted with a landing page that evoked natural splendor and outdoor hobbies like camping. Subsequent site visitation was analyzed to determine which of the visitor personas was most impactful. All of a sudden, the site owner knows which of the personas responded well and ultimately contributed towards the site’s goals. This knowledge can then be used to further refine the site’s messages and strategy to its greatest efficiency.

The day and a half at Internet Summit reinforced that this technological landscape is in rapid and constant motion. Best practices today will be replaced with lessons learned and applied this time next year. The challenge to stay current and relevant is part of the fun of working in such a dynamic industry. We’re glad to be in such good company as my colleagues at the Internet Summit and fortunate to be bringing back valuable approaches for our clients’ benefit.

Ray Parrish, Owner & Creative Director
With a background in fine arts and a love for all things design, Ray thoroughly enjoys serving Cuberis’ museum clients and furthering their missions. Using a blend of passion and experience, Ray leads the creative team to create digital connections between the public and the inspiration, knowledge and experiences museums and cultural institutions have to share.