Trash to Treasure!

Written by | March 16, 2011 | Posted in Process

One of my absolute favorite things recently has been to rescue old items from thrift stores and repurpose them, whether it be taking them apart and turning them into something completely different, or just repainting and recovering. My favorite project so far is this jewelry box I made for my best friend. She had been dropping hints that she’d like a jewelry cabinet for her birthday, and after I spent several fruitless afternoons in department stores – unimpressed with what I was finding –  I finally ran across this box at Goodwill. For six bucks. I stood in the “miscellaneous junk” aisle for a good five minutes just staring at this box. Can it be fixed? Are all the parts there? Will it look ok? I wasn’t sure about that last question, but I bought it anyway. I figured it was like starting with a blank canvas, and I could customize it to match her personal style.

After six weeks of sanding, spraypainting, resanding, respraypainting, gluing, and cursing the humidity on my porch, I finally finished the thing and gave it to her, just two weeks after her birthday (oops). She was impressed! It was definitely a labor of love. Things learned about furniture refinishing: 1) If you think you’re finished sanding, you’re probably wrong. And if you think you’ll do more than one project, buy an electric sander. This would have saved me hours. 2) If you want a satin finish, do not start with satin paint. First spray with flat paint, then FINISH with satin paint. You’d never believe how many cans of white satin paint I ended up buying. 3) And lastly, give yourself plenty of time. I started on this two weeks before I wanted to give it away, but it took six weeks to finish. Sometimes it’s going to rain when you need to be outside painting. C’est la vie.

old and busted

Old and busted.

old and busted

Old and busted inside, too.

New hotness! Finished outside shot.

New hotness! Inside shot showing details, new fabric interior.